Mike Leffingwell 

Born in Huntington WV

Current home -Nashville Tn

Mike Leffingwell was raised in a small town and went to school taking up skilled trades such as welding and machinist trades , While attending high school Mike would go to school half a day then got put out on a co- op program working for a Machine shop that built coal mine equipment   Mike also was active in sports such as wrestling and football but his passion was Racing Motocross since the age of 8 years old and later moving into Racing cars , Mike has always been a promoter at heart by promoting himself into Nascar for a early stint but while into motorsports mike took up to learning the business side and going to several motorsports marketing schools after his career was over after a bad crash he moved on to opening bars and restaurants and later owned a race track , Mike’s love of motorcycles came back in 2006 after he bought a small shop in the Midwest and promoted it so well within 6 months he had 3 shops and a TV show on Fox building a chopper for 12 weeks and later bought a Huge custom motorcycle shop in Nashville selling over 6 brands and mike promoted it so well he had all the singers n NFL stars hanging at the shop and he later got his manufacturing license and sold Motorcycles he built to other countries, after the economy collapsed Mike sold out and with the city of Nashville growing so fast he took night classes for concrete and opened up a concrete company doing concrete on the new construction in Nashville but mike knew that wasn’t for him so he studied promotion and music festivals and concerts and Mike opened his own company employing over 20 people in office and working with the biggest rock n roll and country artist promoting there concerts and tours , Threw out mikes career he has had his share of legal problems but has faced them with honesty and humility but he has always bounced back so when you look for a promoter for your concerts or events remember he has a marketing gene not just schooling and experience and in our eyes looking at the list of Promoters people on music Rowe in Nashville look at Mike as the Winner.